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Dear reader of my ‘Us Europeans’ postings,

I am happy and proud to announce the release of my book ‘Crossroad Europe’, which summarises my experience of travelling around the European Union for one year. Combining more than 500 quotes with over 250 photos on 184 pages, ‘Crossroad Europe’ offers a wealth of impressions of daily life in all 27 member states of the European Union.Crossroad Europe cover

You can read more about the book at, which is also where you can order yourself a copy if you wish to! Please feel free to forward this message to your ‘interculturally inclined friends’, whose book shelves would be happy to welcome this little pan-European piece of work.

Happy browsing!

Bruno van den Elshout

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  1. Being a enthusiastic promotor of the Europena Union myself, I consider your book a fine sample of what’s the basic benefit of this political construction, let aside all difficulities of “growing up” as an organization.

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