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Today exactly four years ago, I embarked on a mission to spend one year travelling all 27 member states of the EU while investigating cultural diversity and interviewing over 2 700 young Europeans. Today three years ago, I completed the very same mission, compiling a massive list of 366 articles, most of which were aggregated integrally by Blogactiv.

social-atlas-logoToday, this year, I am working on the launch of a new European diversity project: The Social Atlas of Europe.

So what’s different compared to Us Europeans?

  • Travelling will be replaced by social media strategy
  • Articles will be replaced by maps and infographics.

Together, they will provide a novel, pan-European insight into how Europeans think and act.

Questions will continue to focus on daily life matters. Expect questions like:

  • Do you take of your shoes when visiting a friend?
  • In which other European country would you like to live?
  • Do you enjoy receiving compliments?

… and many more – all drawn out into exciting visuals in accordance with geo-tagged data acquired by the social media research tool.

You, dear reader, can help! How? By sharing your questions and ideas about implicit social behaviour and cultural coding.

What would you like to know about your fellow Europeans?
Please use the comments to share your ideas – and have your questions answered by more than 2 700 Europeans!

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  1. Hi Bruno,

    I think this idea is a good start for your new project! If I can do something, your welcome to ask me!


  2. Hello,

    great idea for a project. Here in germany i wonder myself often how much difference between our neighbours and us. Even i think about how much we changed ourselfs and our way of thinking.



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