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Dear reader of my ‘Us Europeans’ postings, I am happy and proud to announce the release of my book ‘Crossroad Europe’, which summarises my experience of travelling around the European Union for one year. Combining more than 500 quotes with over 250 photos on 184 pages, ‘Crossroad Europe’ offers a wealth of impressions of daily… » read more

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In communist times, the link between effort and wealth was a rather faint one. Until 20 years ago, any Slovenian would be almost equally rich as his neighbour. No matter what profession either of them had and no matter how much effort either of them put into their jobs. Times have changed. Converting effort into money is now one of the driving forces under the Slovenian society. Slovenes are hard-working, ambitious and talented, but can they cope with the pressure of always having to exceed expectations?

Posted by Bruno