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Which place is more suitable to ask people about the future of the European Union than Luxembourg? I am heading for the building of the European Commission today to interview some of the people who work for or with the EU. Despite being sent off at first approach – I need an authorisation even to people smoking outside about their personal expectations of a European future ? I do have success at my second attempt. Upon explaining my project at the reception desk, I manage to get an entrance badge. I exploit my admittance to talk to some people who, like me, spend a lot of energy on thinking about Europe.

Posted by Bruno

Language paradise

Walking in the streets of Luxembourg will expose visitors to a wealth of languages, making Luxembourg almost opposite to Spain and France. Most Luxembourgers are fluent in at least Luxembourgish, German and French. They speak English simply because it is useful and often another language for pleasure. Outsiders may think that Luxembourgers have a talent for learning languages, but they themselves have different ideas about that.

Posted by Bruno